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There’s actually people here, aiming to do great things by helping you reach your goals and dreams. We don’t want your website to get in the way.

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I started creating websites back in 2002 using FrontPage and NetObject Fusion. After being frustrated for years, I created my first WordPress site for my church. It was easy to update and fun to design. But after malware infections, plugin conflicts and hours of late night troubleshooting, I realized I can’t just leave it alone. It needed tending to regularly. Since then, WordPress has come a long way…and so have I. But the need to regularly monitor and tend to WordPress sites is more important than ever. So, I decided to start TendWP to help people run their businesses successfully by taking those everyday maintenance tasks off their plate. If they could focus on their goals and dreams instead of monkeying with a website, maybe they could do great things. I believe it.

Matthew Fridg

Founder, TendWP

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