WordPress Maintenance Features

Tons of features to make sure your WordPress site is running at peak performance.

Uptime Monitoring

Don't let your customers tell you your website is down. We'll keep an eye on things 24/7.

Malware Scanning

We scan your code against known malware, scan for infected files and monitor if your site is blacklisted.

Automated Backups

Get daily or even real-time backups of your entire WordPress site to ensure you never lose precious data.

Cloud Backups

Even hosting servers get infected or corrupt. Get regular offsite backups to the cloud.

Data Migration

We can create an identical copy of your site and easily move or clone your site to a new hosting account.

Security Monitoring

Malware can go undetected for months. We will know right away if your site is infected.

Google Analytics

We can easily connect your Google Analytics account to your site and create custom, personalized reports.

Maintenance Mode

For major updates, we can take your site offline without taking your business offline.

SEO Ranking

We track changes in your SEO ranking, monitor your keywords and keep an eye on your competitors, too.

Staging Environment

Don't risk a change taking down your entire site. We can make changes without affecting your live site.

Broken Link Monitor

We monitor your links so broken links don't risk a hit to your SEO ranking or customer trust.

Weekly Reports

Know exactly what's going on with your site. We'll send you weekly, customized reports.

SSL Certificate Setup

Make sure your site is secure by with an SSL certificate. We'll help you install it on your site.

Safe Updates

We make sure each update will improve your site. We test each update before performing it live.

Image Optimization

Large images can slow a site and lower your SEO ranking. We optimize your photos to ensure they load quickly.

Performance Monitor

A slow site can hurt your business. We monitor load speed and identify where improvements can be made.

Spam Protection

We monitor, filter and remove comment spam so it doesn't clog up your inbox and bog you down.

Expert Support

Our experienced support team is here to help you. Log in to open a ticket or purchase support tasks.

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